Flush Mount System for Pitched Roofs

IronRidge offers two “full stack” flush mount systems for pitched roof applications: the Aire System and XR System. 

Each includes clamps, rails, and an array of attachments that will enable installers to securely mount arrays on composition shingle, tile, slate, and shaker shingle roofs.

Our components have been tested to the limit and proven in extreme environments, including Florida’s high-velocity hurricane zones.

This rigorous approach has led to unique structural features, such as curved rails and reinforced flashings, and is also why our products are fully certified, code compliant and backed by a 25-year warranty.

We respect the roof.

Photo courtesy of Solar Pro Energy Systems

Pitched Roof System Components

Image Name Description Product Type Product Line
XR Rails XR Rail® Family XR Rails® have a unique curved profile that increases structural strength and spanning capability, meaning fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective designs. Racking IronRidge
BUG Conduit Mount QuickMount® BUG™ – Conduit Mount QuickMount® BUG™ Keep Your Conduit SnugThe QuickMount® BUG™ is our latest conduit mount. Compact, sturdy and unobtrusive—leveraging the same proprietary UltraGrip™ flashing system as the HUG™ attachment.BUG™ comes with the... Accessory QuickMount®
HUG Halo UltraGrip with Mill Finish QuickMount® HUG™ – Halo UltraGrip™ QuickMount® HUG™ The Respect Your Roof DeservesDue to recent innovations, many asphalt shingles have bonded courses. A mount that protects without the need to pry shingles can really speed things... Attachment QuickMount®
IronRidge Contour Trim Contour™ Trim – Solar Array Skirt Contour™ Solar Array Trim Aesthetic Arrays, Sleeker All Around IronRidge Contour™ Trim elevates the look of any solar array by providing a sleek trim (or skirt) across the south edge... Accessory IronRidge
BOSS Splices BOSS® Bonded Structural Splice The BOSS® provides a strong, bonded connection for XR Rails®. No assembly, tools, or hardware required. Racking IronRidge
IronRidge FlashVue FlashVue® Optimized flashing design features a large viewport, for easy alignment with the pilot hole. The GripCap also stays snug in place. Attachment IronRidge
FlashFoot2® Flash and mount XR Rails® on asphalt comp shingle roofs with superior waterproofing. The twist-on cap eases installation. Attachment IronRidge
Open-Slotted L-Mount (Mill) L-Mount® The L-Mount® is designed for cost-effective, one-bolt installation onto existing composition/asphalt shingle roofs. Attachment QuickMount®
Lynx Metal Roof Clamp Lynx™ Metal Roof Attachment The QuickMount® Lynx™ is a robust, non-penetrating clamp for attaching solar to standing seam metal roofs. Connect with confidence. Attachment QuickMount®
Slotted L-Foot IronRidge® Slotted L-Foot Our original Slotted L-Feet are engineered for most roof mounting applications. Vertical slots allow for easily dropping in rails. Attachment IronRidge
UFO® & Stopper Sleeves The Universal Fastening Object is a universal, single-piece mid clamp. When combined with a Stopper Sleeve, the UFO® functions as an end clamp. Hardware IronRidge
CAMO™ This tool-free, universal, invisible end clamp is designed to bond and secure while improving array aesthetics. It comes as one piece, fully assembled. Hardware IronRidge
JayBox Roof Mount JayBox® Junction Box JayBox® Junction Box Protect the Nest JayBox® is an ever-adaptable junction box, designed to securely enclose wires on nearly any solar project—with ample space to shelter up to 4 module strings.... Accessory QuickMount®
QBase® Composition Mount The QBase® Composition Mount is a strong and cost-effective method for installing solar panels during the construction of new composition/asphalt shingle roof for either a new home or a roof replacement. Attachment QuickMount®
QBase Metal Shake Slate Mount QBase® Metal, Shake & Slate Mount The QBase® Metal, Shake & Slate Mount is a multi-purpose base-and-post style solar mounting system offering superior strength and waterproofing for metal shingle, shake, and slate shingle roofs. Attachment QuickMount®
QBase Universal Tile Mount QBase Universal Tile Mount The QBase Universal Tile Mount uses the QBase foundation and two spun aluminum cone flashings for installing solar panels on tile roofs with superior strength and waterproofing. Attachment QuickMount®
Tile Replacement Mount Tile Replacement Mount The Tile Replacement Mount provides a fast and easy way to install solar on tile roofs while protecting against water intrusion. Attachment QuickMount®
Tile Replacement Flashing Tile Replacement Flashings The QuickMountTile Replacement Flashing replaces a tile, so there’s no messy, time-consuming tile grinding or cutting required. Works with all standard curved and flat tile roofs, and all standard rail-based racking systems. Attachment QuickMount®
Classic Conduit Mount Classic Conduit Mount The Classic Conduit Mount lifts electrical conduit off the roof to protect wiring from overheating. These mounts use our proprietary waterproofing technology to seal the roof penetrations. Attachment QuickMount®
Conduit Mount for Tile Conduit Mount for Tile Lifts electrical conduit off the roof to protect wiring from overheating and works with flat or curved tile and does not require tile cutting or grinding. Attachment QuickMount®
Conduit Penetration Flashing Conduit Penetration Flashing Provides a quick, easy way to install a variety of conduit sizes through composition shingle roofs while protecting the penetration against water intrusion. Attachment QuickMount®
Tile Conduit Penetration Flashing Tile Conduit Penetration Flashing The QuickMount® Tile Conduit Penetration Flashing provides a quick, easy way to install conduit through tile roofs while protecting against water intrusion with two seamless, all-aluminum spun cone flashings. Attachment QuickMount®
Quick Hook for Side Mount Rails Quick Hook® for Side Mount Rails Quick Hook® is fast and simple to install. Two height options allow for use with a variety of flat and curved tiles for mounting PV on tile. Attachment QuickMount®
Accessory Frame Bracket Accessory Frame Bracket The Accessory Frame Bracket offers fast, on the ground installation for mounting module level electronics directly to the module frame. It works with rail-based racking systems, ballasted, and ground-mounted systems. Accessory QuickMount®
Conduit Mount Elevates and securely fastens conduit to the roof deck. Supports ¾” or 1” EMT conduit and other equipment such as a junction box for a sleek, versatile solution. Attachment IronRidge
Knockout Tile (Open-Slotted L-Foot) Knockout Tile The single-lag design cuts the number of tile roof penetrations in half, and the fully-encased compression seal keeps the water down and out. Attachment IronRidge
All Tile Hook & Deck Flashing The single-lag design cuts the number of tile roof penetrations in half, and the fully-encased compression seal keeps the water down and out. Attachment IronRidge
Classic Shake Mount Classic Shake Mount The QuickMount® Classic Shake Mount uses patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal Technology® to form the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant and watertight mount available for solar panel installation on cedar shake roofs. Attachment QuickMount®
End Caps Accessories Provide a finished look and support electrical wires. Constructed from UV-stabilized polymers for long-lasting performance: End Caps & Wire Clips. Accessory IronRidge
Hardware All hardware is designed for single-tool installs, low profiles, and in support of our UL 2703 listings: Grounding Lugs, T-bolts, Square-bolts and MI kits. Hardware IronRidge