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Design Assistant Tools

All Your Solar Project Needs in One Place

Our Design Assistant tools will guide you through each project phase — including design, quoting, permitting, and installation.

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IronRidge Design Tools

Applications for Every Project Type

XR PR Design Assistant
Flush Mount for Pitched Roofs​​
Attached Flat Roof Design Assistant
Attached Tilt on Flat Roofs​​
Ballasted Flat Roof Design Assistant
BX Ballasted Flat Roofs​​​
Ground-Based Design Assistant
Ground-Based​ on Open Fields

NEW! Atlas for Pitched Roofs


Atlas takes the Pitched Roof Design Assistant up a notch. Seamlessly manage your residential solar projects from proposal and financing to design and instant permit packs.

Picture of Atlas software on a laptop with a solar array popping out of the screen.

GreenLancer Permit Packs


Now installers can purchase solar permit plans, structural and electrical plans right from Design Assistant with a click of the button. Simply select the “Permit Pack” option at the top of the Bill of Materials page on your next Pitched Roof or Ground-Based Design Assistant project to request plans from GreenLancer.

You can trust GreenLancer’s nationwide network of solar design and engineering firms for their guidance and support in delivering proposals, permit-ready drawings, and Professional Engineering reviews. Thanks to this partnership, you can take advantage of deep discounts as well (~25% off most offerings).

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