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Design Assistant Tools

All Your Solar Project Needs in One Place

Our Design Assistant tools will guide you through each project phase — including design, quoting, permitting, and installation.

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IronRidge Design Tools

Applications for Every Project Type

XR PR Design Assistant
Flush Mount for Pitched Roofs​​
Attached Flat Roof Design Assistant
Attached Tilt on Flat Roofs​​
Ballasted Flat Roof Design Assistant
BX Ballasted Flat Roofs​​​
Ground-Based Design Assistant
Ground-Based​ on Open Fields

What’s New in Design Assistant?

BX DA Roof Sections

Visual Editor for BX Systems

A sophisticated visual editor is now available in the BX Design Assistant—great for small commercial projects with complex roof shapes, panels skewed to roof edges, and multiple roof planes.

GreenLancer Permit Packs


Now installers can purchase solar permit plans, structural and electrical plans right from Design Assistant with a click of the button. Simply select the “Permit Pack” option at the top of the Bill of Materials page on your next Pitched Roof or Ground-Based Design Assistant project to request plans from GreenLancer.

You can trust GreenLancer’s nationwide network of solar design and engineering firms for their guidance and support in delivering proposals, permit-ready drawings, and Professional Engineering reviews. Thanks to this partnership, you can take advantage of deep discounts as well (~25% off most offerings).

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