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Flat Roof Mounting Solutions

Customizable support for any roof.

Fully certified.

Adding solar to a flat roof has built-in complexity and requires a wide array of options to meet the building requirements—such as a mechanically attached system, a ballasted system, or even a hybrid system.

Commercial Flat Roof
Tilt Mount Array

Tilt Mount System

An attached system that utilizes the strength of XR Rails to support a wide range of solar panel tilting angles.

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BX Array

BX Ballasted System

A ballasted system that delivers superior power density and design flexibility without penetrating the roof.

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Hybrid Systems & Seismic Anchors

IronRidge bridges these two approaches (attached and ballasted) by certifying our Flat Roof Attachment–a high-strength cast aluminum attachment–for use on our ballasted system.

Hybrid systems can take advantage of having a mix of Flat Roof Attachments on a BX Ballasted System to lessen the amount of ballast weight needed and/or accommodate regions that require seismic anchors.

BX FRA Hybrid System


Image Name Description Product Type Product Line Flat Roof System
XR Rails XR Rail® Family XR Rails® have a unique curved profile that increases structural strength and spanning capability, meaning fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective designs. Racking IronRidge Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount
BOSS Splices BOSS® Bonded Structural Splice The BOSS® provides a strong, bonded connection for XR Rails®. No assembly, tools, or hardware required. Racking IronRidge Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount
UFO® & Stopper Sleeves The Universal Fastening Object is a universal, single-piece mid clamp. When combined with a Stopper Sleeve, the UFO® functions as an end clamp. Hardware IronRidge Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount
CAMO™ This tool-free, universal, invisible end clamp is designed to bond and secure while improving array aesthetics. It comes as one piece, fully assembled. Hardware IronRidge Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount
JayBox Roof Mount JayBox® Junction Box JayBox® Junction Box Protect the Nest JayBox® is an ever-adaptable junction box, designed to securely enclose wires on nearly any solar project—with ample space to shelter up to 4 module strings.... Accessory QuickMount® Ballasted, Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount
QBase Mount QBase® Low Slope Deck Mount The QBase® Low Slope Mount is one of the strongest mechanically attached standard solar mounts available. The aluminum QBase® post has a 50 year life and is warranted to 20 years. The Low Slope Mount is available in 7", 9" and 12" heights. Attachment QuickMount® Flat Roof
Compatible Roof Membranes Formed membrane covers are matched to major roofing brands to ensure a tested, engineered system for TPO, PVC, and KEE roofs. No additional sealant necessary. Attachment IronRidge Flat Roof, Tilt Mount
BX Chassis BX Chassis BX Chassis is designed to clamp PV modules and secure them in place. The Chassis is available in two SKUs: 5 and 10 degree tilt configurations. Racking IronRidge Ballasted, Flat Roof
Fixed Tilt Legs Tilt assembly to the desired angle, up to 30 degrees. Kits include South and North Tilt Leg and all hardware. Racking IronRidge Flat Roof, Tilt Mount
Flat Roof Attachment Combine a high-strength cast aluminum base with 16-point fastening pattern to enable the widest range of design options on low-sloped roofs. Attachment IronRidge Flat Roof, Tilt Mount
End Caps Accessories Provide a finished look and support electrical wires. Constructed from UV-stabilized polymers for long-lasting performance: End Caps & Wire Clips. Accessory IronRidge Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount
Hardware All hardware is designed for single-tool installs, low profiles, and in support of our UL 2703 listings: Grounding Lugs, T-bolts, Square-bolts and MI kits. Hardware IronRidge Flat Roof, Ground Based, Pitched Roof, Tilt Mount

Free Flat Roof Online Design Tools

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