Become an
IronRidge Certified
Solar Installer

On-Demand Training

Whether you’re a new entrant to the solar industry, training your crew, or just refreshing your credentials, the IronRidge® Installer Certification Program was built for you.

Our field training team, who’ve trained thousands of installers over the past decade, have created a no-nonsense, on-demand course for pitched roof, composition shingle installs. More content is currently in development.

Get started by creating a profile so you can track your progress, complete an exam, earn badges, free gear and NABCEP certificates.

Hands-On Training

Join one of our in-person, hands-on events offered around the U.S. to upgrade your “trained” status to “certified.” An IronRidge® field trainer will take you through a checklist of skills and best practices designed to increase your confidence using the tools of the trade, while ensuring a clean, quality install.

Installers will earn a credential upon completion of both the on-demand course and hands-on event.

Once you’re an IronRidge® Certified Installer, you’ll be provided early notifications about new products and given access to free demo kits and sales tools via an online store.

Virtual Certification

For those of you who already have experience installing IronRidge® systems, this is a great alternative to attending one of our live hands-on sessions in order to become a certified IronRidge® Installer.

In order to enroll, you need to have completed the On-Demand Training Course.