Solar is sleeker than ever.

Most solar installations use mounting rails and fasteners to secure modules to the building structure, but these critical components often protrude from the sides of the modules, giving arrays a coarse look.

CAMO is an invisible fastener that secures solar modules flush to rail ends, creating a clean, sleek appearance. CAMO works with nearly all solar modules and installs without tools or torque specifications. It simply rotates into place to structurally secure and electrically bond with the modul


CAMO hides rails. Its superior aesthetics enable the sleekest, cleanest installs possible.


Works with 99% of panels. UL-listed and certified for nearly all loading conditions.


The single-piece design allows for completely tool-less installation. No torque specs either.


Slide CAMO into the rail track and rotate the ergonomic handle 90 degrees to lock in place.

CAMO Documentation


UL 2703 Certification

All IronRidge Systems have been listed to UL 2703, the standard for evaluating solar mounting systems. This ensures they maintain strong electrical and mechanical connections over an extended period of time in extreme outdoor environments.


25-Year Warranty

IronRidge products come with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing they will be free of defects in materials and manufacturing which materially impair the use of the products for the purposes for which they were designed.


US Patents

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