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XR Ground Mount System

All-Terrain Mounting

The IronRidge® Ground Mount System combines our XR100® or XR1000® Rails with locally-sourced steel pipes or mechanical tubing, to create a cost-effective structure capable of handling any site or terrain challenge. 

Installation is simple with only a few structural components and no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery required. In addition, the system works with a variety of foundation options, including concrete piers and ground screws. Compatible with soil classes 2-4.


Rugged Construction

Engineered steel and aluminum components ensure durability

UL 2703 Listed System

Entire system and components meet newest effective UL 2703 standard.

PE Certified

Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states.

Flexible Architecture

Multiple foundation and array configuration options.

25-Year Warranty

Products guaranteed to be free of impairing defects.

Design Assistant

Online software makes it simple to create, share, and price projects.


Image Name Description Product Type Product Line
XR Rails XR Rail® Family XR Rails® have a unique curved profile that increases structural strength and spanning capability, meaning fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective designs. Racking IronRidge
BOSS Splices BOSS® Bonded Structural Splice The BOSS® provides a strong, bonded connection for XR Rails®. No assembly, tools, or hardware required. Racking IronRidge
UFO® & Stopper Sleeves The Universal Fastening Object is a universal, single-piece mid clamp. When combined with a Stopper Sleeve, the UFO® functions as an end clamp. Hardware IronRidge
CAMO™ This tool-free, universal, invisible end clamp is designed to bond and secure while improving array aesthetics. It comes as one piece, fully assembled. Hardware IronRidge
JayBox Roof Mount JayBox® Junction Box JayBox® Junction Box Protect the Nest JayBox® is an ever-adaptable junction box, designed to securely enclose wires on nearly any solar project—with ample space to shelter up to 4 module strings.... Accessory QuickMount®
Diagonal Brace Diagonal Cross Brace Optional assembly kit is for those rare installations that require extra support. Includes the brace, sleeves, and hardware. Racking IronRidge
Rail Connector Rail Connector Attaches and bonds horizontal cross pipes to XR1000 Rails. Available for both 2” and 3” sizes. Racking IronRidge
Top Cap Available in sizes that fit either 2” or 3” steel pipe and mechanical tubing, the top cap supports cross pipes with U-bolt hardware. Racking IronRidge
End Caps Accessories Provide a finished look and support electrical wires. Constructed from UV-stabilized polymers for long-lasting performance: End Caps & Wire Clips. Accessory IronRidge
Hardware All hardware is designed for single-tool installs, low profiles, and in support of our UL 2703 listings: Grounding Lugs, T-bolts, Square-bolts and MI kits. Hardware IronRidge

Pipe and Tubing

Ground Mount System
Pipe & Tubing

Locally-sourced 2” or 3” schedule 40 pipe and mechanical tubing help you save on freight, while still spanning up to 18’ between vertical piers.

Schedule 40 Pipe

  • 3” pipe: OD 3.5”, wall thickness 0.216”, 35ksi yield strength
  • 2” pipe: OD 2.38”, wall thickness 0.154”, 35ksi yield strength

Mechanical Tubing

  • 3” Tubing: OD 3.5”, wall thickness 0.165”, 45ksi yield strength
  • 2” Tubing: OD 2.375”, wall thickness 0.109”, 50ksi yield strength

Hex-Head Set Screws

This custom component is required to connect the IronRidge Ground Mount foundation pipe to the ground screw. These hex-head set-screws provide corrosion protection and a thread-locking coating to ensure fasteners don’t loosen over time. IronRidge has designed and tested this set-screw for use with American Ground Screw’s solar products to meet the load requirements.

Quick Resources for Hex-Head Set Screws

Ground Mount Hex-Head Set Screws

Ground Screws

Ground screws perform well in a wide variety of soil types and conditions, from sandy and rocky to hard-packed clay. IronRidge completed compatibility testing with Krinner Foundations Solar Ground Screws (G-Series) or American Ground Screws (Model 3) and now offers a certified systems engineering letter. Solar designers can acquire the letters on the Ground Mount Design Assistant platform.

Learn More About Ground Screws

Ground Mount Ground Screws


Refer to the following table to see how size impacts the East-West span between foundations. The table complies with ASCE 7-16 structural code. Values are based on 72-cell modules in Wind Exposure Category B.

Pipe Span Chart

Tech Specs

Module Tilt Range:0 to 45 degrees
Module Orientation:Landscape
E-W Pier Spacing:Up to 17'
N-S Pier Spacing:Up to 9'
Max Wind Speed:160 Mph
Wind Exposure:Category B, C & D
Maximum Snow Load:60 psf
Materials:Aluminum Cast Steel ASTM A216 A53 GR B (SCHED 40) Galvanized Mechanical Tubing Stainless Steel Fasteners
Warranty:25 Yr Mfg, 10 Yr Structural
Optional Bracing:Yes
Adjusts to Elevation Change:Yes
Integrated Grounding:Yes
Wire Clips:Yes
End Caps:Yes
Engineering Support:Yes (P.E. Certified)
Locally Sourced Pipe:Yes. Must be Schedule 40 or Mechanical Tubing.
Mechanical tubing must meet following minimum requirements: 
2” Mechanical Tubing: 
  • 2.375” OD 

  • 0.109” (12kGA) wall thickness 

  • 50KSI yield strength 

3” Mechanical Tubing: 
  • 3.5” OD 

  • 0.165” (8GA) wall thickness 

  • 45KSI yield strength 

Ground-Based Design Assistant

  • Comprehensive reaction forces
  • Turbo-charged calculation engine
  • Auto-generated documents package
Ground Mount Design Assistant

Ground Mount Documentation

Ground Mount     

Ground Mount System