On-Demand Training

For the Solar Heroes of Today and Tomorrow

IronRidge® has developed a library of courses to train you and your team on installation best practices, solar building codes and much more. New courses are being developed continually.

Get started by creating a profile so you can track your progress, complete an exam, earn badges, free gear and NABCEP certificates.

Want to Get Certified?

Complete “Installing on Pitched Roof – Comp Shingle” as your first step toward becoming an IronRidge® Certified Installer. After passing the final exam for this course, you’ll be eligible to register for a Hands-on Training event.

Installer Certification Courses

Become an IronRidge® Certified Installer. First complete the lesson below, then register for one of our hands-on training events. Note: the Installer Certification Courses are also NABCEP Accredited. 


Installing on Pitched Roof – Tile

This certification-track course goes over the basics of solar and how to install a tile roof system.

Installing on Pitched Roof – Comp Shingle (Spanish Version)

Este curso de seguimiento de certificación repasa los conceptos básicos de la energía solar y cómo instalar un sistema de techo inclinado.

Installing on Pitched Roof – Comp Shingle

This certification-track course goes over the basics of solar and how to install a pitched roof system.

NABCEP Accredited Courses

Earn NABCEP CEUs while brushing up on your solar industry knowledge. Certificates are provided automatically upon completion of each course. You can also track your progress with these courses in your profile. 


Know Your Code – Solar Roof Mounting

Learn about codes & regulations of solar roof mounting, including updates to ASCE 7-16. Worth 1 NABCEP CEU.

Designing Pitched Roof Solar Arrays

This certification-track course walks you through the process of designing a pitched roof project before you get on the roof.

Product Installs, Tips & Tricks

These general knowledge courses will aid in the installation of IronRidge® products while also providing some best practices from seasoned professionals. No NABCEP CEUs are awarded for completion of them. 

Tilt Mount

Installing Tilt Mount on Flat Roofs

How to install the Tilt Mount System, a tilt-up solar racking solution for flat roofs.
BX Chassis

Installing BX Ballasted on Flat Roofs

How to install BX, a ballasted system with superior power density and design flexibility for flat roofs.