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QuickMount® BUG™

Keep Your Conduit Snug

The QuickMount® BUG™ is our latest conduit mount. Compact, sturdy and unobtrusive—leveraging the same proprietary UltraGrip™ flashing system as the HUG™ attachment.

BUG™ comes with the IronRidge® RD Structural Screw and a tri-lobe, thread-forming screw that couples with locally-sourced straps. Attach it to a rafter or the deck, in any orientation.

No prying shingles. No drilling pilot holes. No applying sealant.

A Conduit Mount Metamorphosis

BUG™ carries a transformation of ease to any job.

  • Crawls low to the roof with 1” of clearance
  • Three strap location options for linear adjustment
  • Rotational adjustability of up to 10 degrees
  • Approved for use: up to 1” UNIV – EMT, RMC, IMC, Rigid PVC and Liquid Tight Flexible Metallic Conduit (up to 1-1/4″ EMT & Rigid PVC)
  • Also approved for use with listed hangers, straps or alternative mounting devices (strut, bridging, etc.)
  • Certified and listed to UL 2703A and UL 2239
  • Evaluated to UL 441 and TAS 100A
  • Backed by 25-year warranty

BUG™ Documentation


The QuickMount® BUG® Conduit Mount has been listed to UL 2239, the standard of requirements that cover hardware for the support of conduit, tubing, cable, and similar devices.


25-YR Warranty

Product comes with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing it will be free of defects in materials and manufacturing which materially impair its use for the purposes for which it was designed.


US Patent Office