Knockout Tile

A Breakthrough Tile Solution

Solar installs on tile roofs can be messy and complicated. These jobs often require tile grinding to ensure fit, a struggle to align mounting components, and extensive searches to find the replacements for broken tiles.

Knockout (KO) Tile is a replacement mount that rapidly and reliably integrates into the existing roof system. With the strike of a hammer, a solid stack of high-performance, form-fitting components fully encases the waterproof seal. The kit now includes an open-slotted L-Foot.

Knockout Tile (Open-Slotted L-Foot)


Keep water down and out with unique seal technology by joining the flashing, gasket, and L-foot with the single strike of a hammer.


Strong and compact Pedestal Base can be placed anywhere along the rafter in any orientation.


Minimal offset uses a single lag. That means 40% higher loading capacity and half the roof penetrations.


Knockout Tile Deck Flashing

An optional Knockout Tile Deck Flashing is available to add an extra layer of waterproofing, when necessary.

Knockout Tile Documentation

UL 2703 Certification


All IronRidge® Systems have been listed to UL 2703, the standard for evaluating solar mounting systems. This ensures they maintain strong electrical and mechanical connections over an extended period of time in extreme outdoor environments.

25-Year Warranty

25-YR Warranty

IronRidge® products come with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing they will be free of defects in materials and manufacturing which materially impair the use of the products for the purposes for which they were designed.

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