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Flush Mount Systems Listed to UL 3741

XR can now be installed without MLPE devices.


The IronRidge XR Flush Mount System is now listed to UL 3741 with Tesla equipment. This allows for system design on residential roofs (up to 600V) without the use of Module-Level Power Electronics, which reduces material, installation, and service costs. Refer to the Installation Addendum for detailed instructions for compliance.


The UL 3741 Standard for Photovoltaic Hazard Control was published in late 2020. It is now referenced in the 2020 National Electric Code (NEC) 690.12 B (2) as an option to comply with rapid shutdown requirements. IronRidge’s XR Flush Mount UL 3741, Photovoltaic Hazard Control System (PVHCS) listing, allows systems to be designed up to 600V without the need for module-level power electronics (MLPE).


A UL-3741-compliant XR Flush Mount system can be designed without the use of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE). The use of a String Isolation Device (SID), like the Tesla Mid-Circuit Interrupter (MCI), can dramatically lower component count, leading to higher reliability and reduced service costs.


The IronRidge XR Flush Mount system is listed to UL 3741 with Tesla’s MCI-1 string isolation device (SID) in combination with either a Tesla PV Inverter, Powerwall+, or Powerwall 3 Power Conversion System (PCS). Guidance on system configuration with Tesla equipment is outlined in the UL 3741 Installation Addendum, available on the IronRidge website.


Proper wire management is crucial for UL 3741 compliance and requires that all wires be routed in a manner that prevents exposure to potential Fire Fighter (FF) interactions, such as routing wires under modules or through approved listed raceway for wires running between arrays.

IronRidge Edge Clips (BX-CT-EC-PZ) and Cable Ties (BX-CT-UV-PZ) are wire management components that are evaluated to UL 1565 (wire positioning) and/or UL 62275 (cable ties) and are approved for use. They are part and the UL 3741 Listing. A listing of approved PV Hazard Control Equipment or components is provided in the UL 3741 Installation Addendum for the XR Flush Mount System.

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