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A backpacker standing on a cliff looking at mountains in the distance. Behind the mountain is a logo that says "Atlas."

Atlas: At Last! An End-to-End Solution for Solar Installers

In 2020, we conducted a survey of nearly 1,000 installers to learn what digital tools they use to run their businesses. And do you know how many different applications were listed? Ninety. The average number of tools installers used to manage project work was 2.7. That meant that our oh-so-clever installers were picking and choosing from a wide array of tools that ALMOST did the job. And by pairing or tripling them up, installers were able to manage projects in a less manual, slightly more automated way.
But multiple platforms usually required re-keying data, sharing credentials with colleagues who may (or may not) use the same suite of tools. Our summary back then was that it was a fractured and confusing space. And while some large players did offer more robust solutions, the price tag matched it.
Today though, Atlas is here for installers. The first and only end-to-end solution for pitched roof projects that is free to use. No monthly subscriptions or annual contracts. From permits, to financing, to generating BOMs, to generating permit packs…all this lives in one place. While there is a nominal charge once you’re ready to submit your permit packs for stamps, the instant turn-around, and unlimited free edits will soon prove helpful to an ever-shrinking bottom line.
IronRidge has long been providing hardware solutions for installers. We do our homework. We study the problem. We try to create solid solutions. And now we’re taking the success of our decade-old Design Assistant tool, and expanding that offering to support the ENTIRE crew at your organization, from sales, to design, to install and beyond. Head into Atlas today and Forge Your Path!

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