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Aire® Flush Mount System

Racking Accelerated®

The Aire® Racking System has been carefully crafted to streamline every part of the installation process, taking out all of the tiresome hassles—so that you get off the roof and on to your next project faster than ever.
Aire A2 Rail & FlashVue

Strength Tested

All components have been evaluated for superior structural performance.

UL 2703 Listed System

Entire system and components meet the UL 2703 standard for solar racks.

Approved Cable Tray

Open rail channel conforms to NEMA VE 1, certified for holding PV cables.

Class A Fire Rating

Certified to maintain the fire resistance rating of the existing roof.

PE Certified

Pre-stamped engineering letters are available in most states.

25-Year Warranty

Products guaranteed to be free of impairing defects.

Available in Design Assistant

  • Comprehensive reaction forces
  • Turbo-charged calculation engine
  • Roof material & attachment selector
  • Auto-generated documents package
Pitched Roof Design Assistant

Aire® Components

The lighter, open Aire® rail for standard conditions. • 6’ spanning capability • Wire management tray • Mill or anodized black
The tougher, open Aire® rail for higher load capacity. • 8’ spanning capability • Wire management tray • Mill or anodized black
Structurally connect and bond Aire® Rails together. • Reinstallable, up to 5x • Internal splice design • No more splice rules
Connects Aire® Rails to attachments with ease. • Clicks on, slides easily • Drops into open slots • Anodized assembly
Securely bond between modules to Aire® Rails. • Fits 30-40mm modules • Utilizes UFO® design • Minimal 1/2” gap
Securely bond modules to Aire® Rails along ends. • Fits 30-40mm modules • Easy rail engagement • Clean aesthetics

Securely bonds modules to rail ends, entirely hidden.

• Angled for easy install
• Robust tether leash
• Fits most modules

Bonds Aire® Rails to grounding conductors. • Simplified with single bolt • Low-profile form factor • Works with 10-6 AWG

Aire® Caps

Aire Caps
Block entry and provide a finished look to Aire® Rails. • Stay secure on rail ends • Symmetrical, with drain • Cover rough-cut ends
Keeps wiring contained in open Aire® Rail channels. • No module interference • Simple press-in design • Slot for easy removal
Securely bonds MLPE and accessories to Aire® Rails. • Glove-friendly installation • Lays flush in rail channel • Low profile form factor
Attaches rails to tile roofs, with Aire® Dock included. • Works on flat, S, & W tiles • Single-socket installation • Optional deck flashing

System Documentation

On-Demand Training

Marking the Array Footprint

Marking Rails & Mounts