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Quick Hook® for Side Mount Rails (Standard & Low Height)

Quick Hook®, featuring QHook® Technology, is engineered to QuickMount® industry-leading standards. Quick Hook® is fast and simple to install. Two height options allow for use with a variety of flat and curved tiles. Includes universal Tile Hook Deck Flashing (compatible with both IronRidge® All Tile Hook and Quick Hook®) for code compliance. Mounting PV on tile has never been easier, stronger, and more waterproof.

Available in aluminum mill finish.

Quick Hook for Side Mount Rails


  • 2 height options for use with a variety of flat and curved tiles
  • Designed for use with side-mounted rails
  • Eliminates tile hole cutting for a fast, simple installation
  • Available universal Tile Hook Deck Flashing
  • Better aesthetics with no visible flashing
  • Sliding hook makes it easy to hit the rafter and match valley of tile
  • 100% IBC compliant
  • Meets or exceeds all roofing industry best practices
  • Works with most leading racks
  • 25-year warranty


UL 2703 Certification


All IronRidge® Systems have been listed to UL 2703, the standard for evaluating solar mounting systems. This ensures they maintain strong electrical and mechanical connections over an extended period of time in extreme outdoor environments.

25-Year Warranty

25-YR Warranty

IronRidge® products come with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing they will be free of defects in materials and manufacturing which materially impair the use of the products for the purposes for which they were designed.

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