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Flat Roof Mounting

Build strong and efficient solar arrays on flat roofs. IronRidge Tilt Mount supports a wide range of solar panel tilting angles, while also resisting the extreme wind and snow forces experienced over a building’s lifetime.

The Tilt Mount System is listed to UL 2703, and compatible with most roof anchor products. Every component in the system is made with aluminum and stainless steel to ensure complete corrosion resistance.



UFOs (Universal Fastening Objects)

Accommodating a wide range of module frame heights (30-48mm), each UFO bonds with the module frame and the rail to form a parallel bonding path that is repeated throughout the array.

XR Rails

XR Rails are the backbone of the solar array. Their unique curved profile increases structural strength and spanning capability, allowing for fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective system designs.

Tilt Legs

Tilt Legs are available in multiple lengths to support a wide range of mounting angles. Kits include North & South legs, plus hardware for attaching to XR Rails.