Breaking the span barrier

The first thing you’ll notice when you hold an IronRidge standard rail is the uniquely appealing shape. Unlike other mounting rails that have an industrial appearance, you’ll be proud to show the IronRidge product to potential customers. Home or business owners who are concerned about how the system looks will be pleased with the graceful and elegant curves of the IronRidge standard rail. In addition, IronRidge components are available in a black anodized finish that will seamlessly blend in with darker roofs.

But the IronRidge rail is more than just a pretty face. What makes the IronRidge roof mounts truly special is that because of its unique design, you can span twelve feet between attachments depending on load conditions. This means fewer penetrations, less risk of roof leakage, and an easy way to reduce your total costs.

The strength of design in the rail carries over to all of the other roof mount components including clamps, L-feet, stand-offs, tilt legs, and wire management. We also offer a light rail, which has a more standard appearance and is a great option for installers looking for lower material costs. The light rail is a bit of a misnomer in that it is also stronger than many competitive offerings, spanning up to eight feet.

All of our roof mount products are engineered and certified to work with best-in-class 3rd party flashing and roof connecting solutions including Quick Mount PV, Ecofasten, and S5!