Easy as Pipe

Our heavy-duty ground mount components easily combine with installer-supplied galvanized steel pipe to quickly create durable and long-lasting structures. Sturdy enough to handle a wide range of site and terrain challenges, the IronRidge ground system can be constructed without any drilling, welding, or large expensive equipment. Using readily available galvanized steel pipe means that a variety of footings including helical piles, pre-cast ballasts, and concrete piers can be accommodated depending on your specific site requirements.

The IronRidge ground mount solution is extremely versatile and scalable using both 2” and 3” steel pipe. The modular design enables installers to quickly create small freestanding structures to large multi-megawatt arrays. An optional north-south diagonal brace is also provided for extreme wind or snow load conditions.

Once the steel sub-structure is constructed, our long-spanning rail supports a wide variety of accessories to quickly complete a professional and long-lasting installation.