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American Ground Screw Solar Array

New IronRidge Hardware & Engineering Letters Save Time & Money on Ground Mount Projects

Ground Screws are fast becoming the preferred foundation method for ground-based arrays.

In a recent survey of IronRidge installers, ground screws were chosen over cement pilings 2-to-1. It’s easy to understand why, given that at least a full day can be shaved off the installation since there’s no need to wait for foundation inspections and cement to cure. Plus, ground screws perform well in a wide variety of soil types and conditions, from sandy and rocky to hard-packed clay. That isn’t always the case with cement footings.
Ground Screw Diagram

This is why we are pleased to announce that we have further streamlined the process of designing and installing Ground Mount arrays when using Ground Screws as the foundation method.

In March, IronRidge completed compatibility testing with Krinner Foundations Solar Ground Screws (G-Series) and American Ground Screws (Model 3) and now offers a certified systems engineering letter for use with the IronRidge XR Ground Mount System. Solar designers can acquire the letters on the IronRidge Ground Mount Design Assistant platform.

Both ground screw options are now part of the UL 2703 listing for IronRidge XR Ground Based System.

Additionally, IronRidge manufactures custom attachment hardware which is required to connect the sub-structure to the ground screws. These hex-head set-screws provide corrosion protection and a thread-locking coating to ensure fasteners don’t loosen over time. IronRidge has designed and tested this set-screw for use with American Ground Screw’s solar products to meet the load requirements placed on the system.

Finally, IronRidge has added the option to select ground screws in the Ground Mount Design Assistant online platform. This ensures the attachment hardware (hex-head set screws) is added to the Bill-of-Materials, and the engineering letter is added to the downloadable zip file of certification letters and product installation manuals. IronRidge has removed the devil in the details.
Solar Ground Screws

“IronRidge has long been committed to reducing our installer’s soft costs, and this latest initiative to streamline the design and install of ground mount systems delivers on that promise.” says IronRidge CEO, Sean McDonald.

“We have collaborated closely with two pre-eminent manufacturers of ground screws to make this possible. And we listened closely to our installers to deepen our understanding of their processes. The result is a combination of hardware, software, and engineering that saves installers time and money.” 

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