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A Global Leader in Rooftop Mounting Solar Solutions

IronRidge is a provider of rooftop racking solutions that helped to pioneer solar mounting systems in the mid 1990’s. After being acquired by Esdec Solar Group in 2019, IronRidge has continued to operate from its Hayward, CA offices as an independent business unit with its own team, unique product lines, and sales channels.

In 2023, Esdec rebranded as Enstall.

Enstall operates in key rooftop solar markets in the United States and Europe. We were made by installers for installers, and we’re set up with the global scale needed to offer solar mounting solutions for every type of roof. Consider us an energy transition partner for a faster switch to solar energy, using innovative technology and testing to make installations simpler and quicker.

Enstall’s worldwide corporate headquarters is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We also have a regional headquarters in Deventer, The Netherlands, for Europe, and one in Greenwich, Connecticut, for the United States. These places oversee and support our different teams and business units.

Visit the Enstall website to learn more.

Enstall Solar Brands