Instant Permit Packs

No more delayed projects.

Whether you’re already using the IronRidge Design Assistant or are just getting started, the permit process just got easier. Manage solar projects from start to end, with everything you need in one place.
Every interaction is designed to be fast and simple. Most solar professionals can easily jump in and get permits with little training. There is also the ability to import 3D roof traces. And support teams are available to help whenever needed.
Permit Packs
3-line drawing

Own the process.

A complete bill of materials and all the permitting needed, auto-generated for you on the spot.
Benefits include:
  • Save money, no bottlenecks
  • Finish your projects faster
  • 3-line drawings offered
  • Reduce overhead
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of PV systems can I get instant permit packs for?
This powerful tool—powered by Lyra—is focused on pitched roof, grid-tied, residential-scale PV systems within the United States. It supports a range of inverter technologies, including string inverters, string inverters with optimizers, single- and multi-input microinverters, and Enphase battery storage. Fully code-compliant.
How would this new process change the way I do things?
A quick tutorial for an entry-level staff member, with a web-enabled PC, gets you off to the races. If you use a third-party service provider, then project preparations have been drastically simplifed. Prep work entails entering the site survey and project information into the tool, then it can be shared with others.
What percentage of my projects can I permit through this service?
Installers using this service find that a majority of their projects can be successfully completed, with great benefits and results. Some projects, however, require specific electrical solutions or use less common hardware not currently included in the tool. There may be a small percentage of your projects that cannot be completed through this service, but we are constantly updating the tool and adding to it.
What is the biggest benefit of using instant permit packs?
Speed and flexibility. It can be frustrating when you need to make one little change and get a PDF over to an inspector so the job can be finalized. No more being held up or waiting on someone else. You will be in complete control of these changes yourself. And you can get revisions out in minutes. Sometimes an install needs expedited and plan sets aren’t ready in time. Gain 100% control over your install schedule.
How much does it cost to get instant permit packs with automated plan sets?
Variable pricing, based on volume, means you stay competitive and save more as your business grows. Call your IronRidge rep for a consultation and free trial. Your local distributor can always direct you to them.
How is this different from other permit package services?
Unlike other services, these permits can be generated instantly with software. This means that each package is formatted consistently, free of errors and typos. No more waiting overnight or several days for revisions.
I can really generate a complete, ready-to-submit permit package by myself?
Yes. You can generate a complete permit package with everything you need to submit to your AHJ and get an installation permit, including a cover page, site plan, single-line or three-line diagram, attachment plans, attachment details, a fire safety plan, as well as electrical calculations, datasheets, and engineering letters.
What if my permit package is rejected by the AHJ or utility company?
You can make any necessary changes within the platform and regenerate the permit package. All permit package purchases include free, unlimited, and instantaneous revisions.