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Texas Solar – Racking Resources

IronRidge® makes the most dependable racking and mounting for solar. That’s because strength is the key focus in every component we design.

Energy Independence Matters Now, More Than Ever

Solar has become mush more affordable. The Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA), the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry, has seen a 53% fall in the price of solar over the last 10 years. They anticipate that as the Texas economy continues to grow, electricity consumption will correspondingly increase. Many are finding it imperative to have their own source of power in these uncertain times, with such spontaneous weather events.

Texas is anticipated to become a nationwide leader in solar energy, with more than 4 gigawatts of capacity expected to be installed over the next 5 years—as appropriate state policy removes market barriers and recognizes solar’s benefits. Battery storage options are now widely available, so users can have power reserves throughout the night. As more homes have solar, it should also help to reduce the load on the grid by having a distributed resource, rather than from centralized power plants.

Looking for a local distributor or installer? Check out our map of distributors to find local branches that can be great resources in your area. If you have more questions on our solar rationale, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

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Where to Buy IronRidge® Racking

We have partnered with many solar and electrical distributors across Texas—including ones in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. 

The map to the right highlights most of our partners that locally stock IronRidge® in the Texas area. IronRidge racking has also been tested and approved for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), making it a great option for coastal areas in Texas as well.

For a full list of distributors, including international partners, visit our Find a Distributor page. This list is also available on our Design Assistant tool, which can send project BOMs to a nearby distributor for quoting.

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FAQ & Resources

Did solar cause the 2021 Winter Storm blackouts in Texas?

Actually, green energy only contributes about 6-7% of Texas power. The problem was a lack of weatherization and equipment freezing. Windmills and solar farms function without issue in Canada and Sweden and many other cold and snowy locations.

Does solar make financial sense?

Solar has become much more affordable. The price of panels have plummeted over the last decades. And right now, Texas homeowners can qualify for a federal solar investment tax credit, which covers 26% of the final purchase price of the home solar system. Starting in 2023, the solar tax credit will step down to 22%, and after 2024, the tax credit for home solar ends. We recommend contacting a tax professional to most accurately determine the impact of the federal solar tax credit and local tax credits on your taxes.

Does solar still work at night?

If your solar is tied into your grid, your evening power consumption isn’t coming from the array. However, new and exciting battery (storage) solutions are coming into the marketplace every year. The Enphase Encharge™ storage system is among the safest backup batteries around. The SolarEdge StorEdge DC-coupled solution is powered by a single inverter and offers high energy production. Sonnen’s new sonnenCore  emergency backup power system is compact.

Tesla Powerwalls give users the ability to schedule their power usage, so during the evenings, you run off the batteries and during the days, off the panels. Generac has gotten into the storage business and offers an EcoGen that has the added benefit of being a generator so you can power your system with solar or gas. More power options help in a crisis like the one Texans experienced February 2021. A solar installation company can help you choose which battery storage option makes the most sense for your household needs.

Is solar a foolproof solution that won’t have any problems?

Not really. We aren’t quite ready yet to abandon public utilities. Even as good as battery storage technology has gotten, our energy needs far exceed what a typical array can generate in a day.

If more homes had solar it would reduce the load on the grid by having a distributed resource, closer to the loads, rather than a from centralized power plants. Solar storage can provide backup power to critical loads during a power outage. A solar professional can evaluate your electricity usage and help you identify critical loads that would be needed in the event of a power outage. This typically includes lights, refrigerators, freezers, TV, computers and well pumps if you live in a rural area. It’s not practical to heat your home with solar PV, but it could run the fan and controls for a gas furnace. Proper system sizing is important to having power when you need it. Talk with your local solar professional and explore the options.

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