IronRidge FlashFoot2: The Strongest Attachment in Solar

New solar attachment enhances roof protection, streamlines installation.

IronRidge, Inc., a manufacturer of solar mounting products, today introduced FlashFoot2™, the strongest roof attachment in solar. Designed and certified for composition shingle roofs, FlashFoot2 incorporates a range of unique features to enhance water protection and streamline installation compared to competing products.

“We set out to build upon the strength and ease of the original FlashFoot product, but what we ended up with was a radically different design that was a true leap forward in roof protection,” said Dave Taggart, VP of Products for IronRidge.

“FlashFoot2 is the only flashing to both elevate and encapsulate the water seal, delivering redundant layers of protection against water intrusion, in addition to many time-saving features for installers.”

Superior Roof Protection
FlashFoot2’s new architecture uses a stack of rugged components to elevate the water seal an entire inch above the roof plane. This design removes life-limited materials, such as EPDM rubber, from the water-shedding plane of the flashing.

In addition, the elevated water seal is fully encapsulated by FlashFoot2’s Cap, which also replaces the need for a separate L-foot bracket.

FlashFoot2 is the only solar roof attachment to pass both the UL441 rain test and the TAS-100 wind driven rain test, and it is electrically and structurally certified to UL2703 and IBC 2016, respectively.

1,000+ Lbs. Uplift Capacity
FlashFoot2’s unique Cap design also makes it stronger than other roof attachments. Traditional roof attachments use an L-foot to connect to the rail, and as a result, they introduce an offset in the load path between the lag bolt and the rail attachment location. This offset introduces a lever action on the parts reducing their uplift capacity.

The FlashFoot2 Cap eliminates any offset between the rail and lag bolt, resulting in a perfectly concentric load path that transfers forces directly to the lag bolt. As a result, FlashFoot2 achieves an allowable uplift capacity of 1,067 lbs., greater than any other solar roof attachment.

A higher uplift capacity means FlashFoot2 supports longer rail spans, reducing the number of attachments per rail and the number of roof penetrations per array.

Streamlined Installation
FlashFoot2 makes each installation step quicker and easier with features ranging from alignment markers, to assembled hardware, to a twist-lock cap.

Installers no longer need to hunt blindly for the pilot hole beneath the flashing thanks to alignment markers that allow you to easily square the flashing with chalk lines and put the pilot hole “in the crosshairs.”

Once FlashFoot2 is aligned, the lag bolt is driven down using the same 7/16” socket as is used with the rest of the IronRidge Flush Mount System. Now, all activities on the roof can be completed with a single socket, reducing the hassle of changing sockets and the risk of a socket rolling off the roof.

With the flashing secured, the FlashFoot2 Cap twists and locks into place with an audible snap. No tools or torque specifications are required. The Cap can also be installed in multiple orientations to support rails running either East-West or North-South.

Finally, the open slot in the Cap allows rails to be dropped-in and fastened in a matter of seconds. The rail attachment hardware (sold separately) is available as either a T-bolt or Square Bolt and arrives assembled, saving time and reducing the risk of loose parts rolling off the roof.

About IronRidge
IronRidge designs and manufactures mounting hardware for residential and commercial solar systems. For more than 15 years, IronRidge has worked closely with installers and integrators to build products that are simple, reliable and help minimize the total cost of installation.

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