InterSolar 2023 - Training Sessions


Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act has many provisions within it that will impact solar. Some are still being “hashed out” by government agencies, but we want to share with you those areas that have been clarified. Join PanelClaw CEO, Costa Nicolaou, for a deep dive on this history-making legislation.  How can installers can take tax deductions for apprentices? Which products are eligible for “Made in America” tax breaks?

UL 3741 and Its Impacts on Commercial

A new PV hazard control system is being adopted across the US. Commercial installers will appreciate the clear guidance this class provides to both keep them in compliance with a major life safety concern, AND locate opportunities to save significant project costs in service of that goal. Sue Stark, Senior Manager of Training and Aaron Unruh, Commercial Sales Manager will lead this fascinating session.

OpenSolar Demo: Thriving in Spite of NEM3

We don’t know yet how the growth of solar will be impacted by NEM3 and other market fluxes, but there are some things that are still within installers locus of control. Join Andrew McGuigan, US Pro Experience Manager, and Cara Emard, Pro Experience Specialist, of OpenSolar as they walk you through a free (for installers) platform that puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Instant Permit Packs

If it feels like everything is nibbling at your margins these days, you’re not alone. But here’s a way to save significant time and dollars while keeping up with growth. Join Sean Burr and Shawn Kranitz as they walk you through a platform, integrated with the IronRidge Design Assistant platform, that alleviates bottlenecks as you build your BOMs and permit pack assets.

GreenLancer Demo: Permit Packs

If you’re a high-volume installer, then you know permit drafting and engineering reviews can be expensive and time consuming. Until now. Join Jeff Blick, Account Manager for GreenLancer for a fascinating demonstration of their platform, and a dive into the newest solution they’re integrating with (SolarApp+) that is making inroads with AHJs. It’s a game changer and you may have never even heard of it before!

NEM3 and Battery Storage

Selling Energy Storage is all about the MATH.  Energy in VS Energy out. Figuring out your customer’s goals and then applying the MATH will help your customer and your business succeed in the realm of energy storage! Join Soligent’s Energy Storage Manager, Josh Brumm, sharpen your pencils and get ready to better understand how to sell battery storage.